Tall Wedding Centerpieces for Your 2016 Wedding

wedding centerpiecesFor those planning a 2016 wedding, there are plenty of places from which to draw inspiration. Wedding experts are weighing in on the popular trends, from dresses to venues, and couples have a myriad of sources to help them determine what they like. Across the board, muted color schemes – such as blush pinks and gray blues – are replacing bright colors and neons in ceremonies, while soft ambient illumination, such as from candles or twinkling lights, continues to be the lighting of choice.


Flowers tend to follow trends as well. This year, one such floral trend showing up at thousands of weddings is the tall centerpiece – from contemporary to traditional weddings, these soaring arrangements are well suited; they can be designed in any number of styles, to match any venue.


The high centerpiece is visually impressive, but also is being chosen for more practical and functional reasons. For instance, a tall arrangement makes for a gorgeous focal point in photographs, rising gracefully above place settings. These centerpieces also deliver an additional benefit as your family and friends gather – large centerpieces at weddings can make it nearly impossible to see across the table to the other guests. The simple act of raising the centerpiece overhead allows for more natural interaction.


Tall centerpieces are appropriate in any locale and with any theme; but they are especially effective to fill large open spaces – a venue with cathedral ceilings, for instance, looks amazing when bouquets are positioned on tall central pillars. Open air weddings are also a great opportunity to utilize a graceful tall centerpiece, generally comprised of wildflowers and other natural elements. When it comes time to choose your flowers for your Billings area wedding, Gainan’s floral professionals will meet with you to hear your vision and ascertain your desired outcome; then recommend flowers and arrangements to make it all come to life. Whether you are someone who follows the trend or not, the bouquets and centerpieces for your 2016 wedding are destined to be memorable when you work with Gainan’s Flowers.