Gainan’s Flowers – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingThe summer season is a great time to celebrate a wedding – congratulations on this very exciting time in your life! Balmy weather and big sunny skies make outdoor venues possible, and expands your choices for adding in some of the hottest wedding trends of the season! Given that summer vacation may also allow for more of your invited guests to attend, it’s time to really get planning! Gainan’s has been helping with the flower needs of brides and grooms for sixty-five years. Allow our experts to assist you in choosing the perfect designs for your special day.

One of the biggest concerns that many couples have when planning during the hottest time of the year is keeping everyone cool. There are many innovative ways to keep your guests comfortable at your outdoor celebration, from practical to whimsical and fun. Misting machine stations, personalized paper fans and plenty of ice cold drinks to go around are a great start; a tent will also keep out the height of glaring sun – or any passing showers, should they occur. But don’t forget, guests aren’t the only ones who might need some relief from soaring temperatures during the summer months – when considering the timing of your event, be sure to take into consideration how to keep your bouquets, centerpieces and plants from wilting in the heat as well.

summer wedding summer wedding

Even the sturdiest cut flower will begin to wilt after hours in the sun, so be sure to choose designs that sit in plenty of water and keep vases of water handy to set the bouquets in between photo ops.

At Gainan’s Flowers, our passion is creating beautiful flower arrangements that enrich the ambiance of your wedding day. Catering to events in Billings and beyond, we take pride in providing flowers that make your day truly spectacular.