Wedding Decor Featuring Stargazer Lilies

shutterstock_171266801Stargazer lilies, with their stunning pink and white petals, first bloomed in 1978 when the American grower Leslie Woodruff successfully married varieties of oriental and Asiatic lilies to create the beauty and perfection he chose to name stargazers. Traditional lilies of other varieties symbolize purity and innocence like the white used in weddings. Stargazer lilies hold true to this symbolism, but have taken additional symbolic meanings of their own including passion, optimism, commitment, high hopes, and the fulfillment of dreams – all of which should be present in at a wedding. A beautiful flower with wonderful meaning, stargazer lilies should be incorporated into as much of the wedding decor as possible. The following are a few way you can celebrate your marriage using stargazer lilies.

At the ceremony, stargazer lilies will look beautiful and stun guests when used to decorate pews, the altar, the backs of chairs, or they can even be strung into a garden trellis. The most important flowers of the wedding ceremony, however, are the blooms arranged in the bride’s bouquet. Stargazer lilies feature white and pink in a wide variety of shades and variations. This combination of colors beautifully complements a bride’s white wedding gown. In addition to the bride’s bouquet, the rest of the wedding party should also be adorned with stargazer lilies whether in boutonnieres, hair accents, small bouquets, or corsages.

For a reception that is pleasing to both your guests’ eyes and noses, fill the celebration with stargazer lilies and their sweet fragrance. Create centerpieces bursting with stargazer lily petals and where there is not enough table space, add a small adornment featuring a single bloom in a martini glass. For an evening reception, be sure to add candlelight to the tables and string scads of twinkling lights above the guests’ tables to mimic the stars in the night sky. In addition to centerpieces, stargazer lilies look lovely atop the centerpiece of the entire reception – the cake.

However you decide to decorate your wedding with the brilliant pinks and whites of stargazer lilies, at Gainan’s Weddings, our expert florists look forward to helping you select the perfect variety of stargazer lilies for your wedding ceremony and reception. We wish you a wonderful wedding and a happy future.