Flowers for Bridal Shower Decorations

shutterstock_150361421Bridal showers are an exciting opportunity for brides and their friends and family to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. We know many brides who enjoy planning these parties as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones away from the stress of wedding planning. Others enjoy having a more formal bridal shower. No matter what type of atmosphere a bride prefers for their shower, at Gainan’s Flowers  we find that flowers can be excellent decorations and accessories that make the day even exciting.

Flowers are wonderful for bridal showers because they help make the entire room light up with joy. Blooms come in such a variety of different styles that they can be selected to create nearly any type of atmosphere. They can also be used in a number of different ways throughout the party. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for using flowers in a bridal shower.

On invitations

Make the invitations to the shower look even more festive and personal by including flowers. Select a flower that fits well the desired theme of the party and buy enough for a couple for each invitation. Take the flowers and dry and press them onto the invitations. The invitations will look gorgeous and will make any recipient smile.

On the tables

Bridal showers use a variety of different formats, from people casually socializing to sit down events filled with crafts and organized activities. Regardless of the plan for party, people will likely spend at least some time sitting down and eating or enjoying the company of some of the other guests. Use flowers to make the tables look festive and decorative. These flowers can even double as party favors. Get potted plants and wrap them in festive paper or ribbons and invite each guest to bring one home with them after the party is over.

On the head

People love flowers in the hair because of the natural beauty they add. Either incorporate flowers into hair styles, such as tucked into braids or behind the ear, or weave several together to create a flower crown. It will be entertaining for all those in attendance to find ways to use the flowers to make their hair look lovely.


When planning for an upcoming wedding, few events are more valued than the bridal shower. Those planning their shower should consider the above ideas for incorporating flowers into their celebration. They will help make the entire atmosphere more lively and beautiful, setting the stage for a perfect bridal shower.