Your Green Wedding

green wedding

If you are looking for unique floral bouquets and decorations for your wedding, foliage and greenery provide a lush option. Herbs such as rosemary and mint, ferns and ivy are all popular ways this year to create striking looks that depart from the ordinary. There are many ways that you can infuse greenery into your wedding with a fresh and basic design.

From graceful ivy headbands to herbal bouquets, weddings in 2015 are celebrating nature like never before. Rustic outdoor venues are gorgeously complemented with moss runners on the tables. When strewn with wildflowers, and accented with candles in glass vases, you will create a romantic woodland effect. Hanging lanterns or antique chandeliers look hauntingly beautiful draped in trailing vines, and whimsical centerpieces can be easily and affordably made by utilizing natural containers, ferns and leaves surrounding a single candle.

green wedding

Green accents can be utilized to decorate place settings, create a verdant backdrop for photos or adorn the bride and groom’s chairs. Ideas are limited only to your vivid imagination and your personal vision for your wedding day. Send your guests home with a lasting reminder of the day; tiny terrariums with succulent blossoms make lasting keepsakes for your guests that will last long after the celebration of the day.

However you choose to infuse greenery into your wedding décor and flowers, you can be assured it will lend a classic effect reminiscent of natural beauty. The wedding experts at Gainan’s Flowers look forward to assisting you with selecting the perfect flowers, arrangements and greenery to make your day as special as you want it to be. Visit us at any of our three  Billings locations for inspiration.