Gainan’s Flowers – Vintage Themed Weddings

vintage weddingsVintage weddings have always been popular, but it seems they are becoming even more so with every passing season. Perhaps with the world getting ever more fast paced and complex, people yearn for a simpler moment in time to celebrate. Whatever the reason, there is no denying the popularity. The word vintage evokes images of anything from our past. From the whimsical and extroverted fun of the Roaring 20’s, to the sophistication and elegance of the first Hollywood starlets; or even the rustic vintage setting of an old barn with bunting, homemade desserts and an old fashioned tea party; vintage is here to stay.

The venue obviously goes a long way to contributing to the mood of the day, and couples are choosing such unique settings as old movie theaters and railroad depots – which incidentally make for stunning photo shoots. Be creative when looking for a space. If the perfect location doesn’t advertise rentals, don’t be shy! Ask about the possibility of holding your celebration in the space; it will make your wedding even more memorable and unique. Strings of old lights, mismatched furniture and do-it-yourself decorations are all popular trends in these venues.

Vintage dresses can come in the form of old fashioned lace with high necks, or daring, sleek gowns inspired by the red carpet. Pearls and old jewelry are popular accent details, and the flowers are instrumental in defining your style. Classic romantic blooms include tea roses or lavish peonies reminiscent of the garden; graceful, elegant lilies give off a more cultured and upscale vibe. Whatever your theme, the floral arrangements from the aisle to the head table; from the bridal bouquet to the place settings – will go a long way to creating the ambiance you desire. Create a nostalgic walk in the country or an exciting walk down the red carpet, all with flowers. Gainan’s Flowers of Billings has the expertise, experience and inspiration you need to create a beautifully vintage wedding from start to finish. Call us today, and create the journey into the past that will be the perfect beginning to your new life.