Gainan’s Wedding Roses

wedding rosesIs there anything more romantic than a rose? Roses are the quintessential flower of love, and therefore of weddings. From deep and passionate red roses, to pure white – roses bring drama and eloquence to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece.


Tea roses originally came from China, and are so named because their light aroma resembles that of tea leaves. Tea roses are grown as bushy shrubs with many flowers, known to have some of the most beautifully delicate naturally occurring hues in the floral world. The blooms are known as “weak-necked”, and the blossoms often droop, with the flowers looking downward; they also are quite susceptible to weather damage and can have their petals “ball up” or spot.


Because of these attributes, hybrid tea roses were cultivated. The hybrids retain the full, lush head of the tea rose, but stand straight up on long stems; their popularity caused extensive continued hybridization into more colors. Hybrid tea roses are actually the flowers you will find in flower shops; their “stiff necks” are more appropriate for bouquets and arrangements.


With a full spectrum of colors to choose from, and a decidedly elegant aura, roses can fit into nearly any wedding motif. From vibrant purples and oranges, to more traditional reds, whites and pinks; roses are used for the bridal bouquet; for striking ceremony flowers, or as décor for the reception. The classic rose can be quite prolific, showing up as lapel boutonnieres and as stunning garnish for the wedding cake itself.


Some things just never go out of style. Tea roses are likely to enjoy a long tenure as the flower of choice for every special occasion, but most certainly for weddings. Come into any of our locations to see the varieties and colors of tea roses best for your bouquets, altar flowers and venue décor; your wedding roses are sure to be almost as beautiful as you on your wedding day.