Fall Weddings: Choosing the Best Flowers

Fall WeddingWhen it comes to creating floral designs for weddings, our flower designers here at Gainan’s Weddings are always busy. The summer wedding season is barely getting started and we’re already gearing up for fall weddings. It’s always exciting to learn all the newest wedding trends of the season. The trends that are very hot for Fall of 2015 are quite different than anything we’ve seen before.


Wedding trend experts from The Knot explain that color diversity is very trendy this fall. Red in wine-colored hues is the season’s hottest color, and other colors are playing off of that. What makes this season’s colors so special is the combination of pastels – which are cool colors, with warm, earthy colors like burgundy red. Consider a palette of a rich wine colored red with a grayish-blue heather, lavender, or even blush. We see these colors in the clothing the bridal party wears, and in the flowers that they carry. It’s different from any color scheme we’ve seen in the past, but it really brightens up the look, and it doesn’t detract from the seasonal feel at all.

Copper is another big color trend this fall. We’re seeing copper chargers under plates, and copper Moscow mules for cocktails. Instead of the usual silver-colored flatware, this year, gold is replacing silver. The gold flatware is sure to look fantastic with copper accents in the form of candleholders or industrial metal planters.

Reception Décor and Table Settings

The biggest trend in centerpieces and floral arrangements is the use of foliage – and lots of it. We’re seeing a reversal in the ratio of leaves to flowers. We are also seeing a trend that favors rustic centerpieces – especially for weddings where guests are seated at long farm-style tables. Instead of formal vases, planter boxes are the season’s hit. We’re seeing those boxes in several materials, including wood and metal in very rustic settings, and ceramic for more sophisticated or formal events.

Eucalyptus leaves are very popular in planter boxes that are used as centerpieces. So are ferns and ornamental grasses. The contrast between the grayish green of eucalyptus leaves, and the red, brown and oat color of grasses, works well with different hues of deep red. The use of foliage isn’t restricted to planter boxes. It’s the biggest trend in floral design for fall weddings of the year. We’re also seeing twigs and raffia, a combination that is perfect for wreaths – depending on the wedding theme and setting. Once again, rich red flowers will contrast with the leaves. With this look, you really want people to see the twigs and raffia.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, and you want to incorporate the season’s trends into your wedding theme, flowers, and colors, look to the rich colors of the season. And for lighting, things go retro – with lighting that uses Edison bulbs. You won’t have to worry about whether the lighting will work with your table décor or flowers.


Top Trends for Outdoor Weddings

outdoor weddingHere at Gainan’s Flowers, we believe that no dream is too big. We draw on our 60 years of experience to turn the wedding of your dreams, into a reality and make it an event that no one will ever forget. That’s why we’re so thrilled about this year’s trend in outdoor weddings.


Imagine your wedding at a beautiful ranch. This year’s top wedding trend draws inspiration from the Wild West. We’re not talking about roping cattle on horseback; we’re talking about the rustic atmosphere of a ranch or rustic log home with views of some of the most breathtaking landscape views you or your guests will ever see.


Think of a combination of rustic elements with a bit of elegance. Instead of seating guests at a bunch of round tables, consider using long wooden tables – even if they’re rough looking. Choose wooden benches or wooden chairs for seating. There is no need to dress the chairs with fabric covers, and there is no need to have a tablecloth. Think about a simple table runner – either a vintage lace one or something more rustic like a runner made from burlap.


Ornate centerpieces aren’t appropriate for long wooden tables. Instead, use simple vases that are filled with wildflowers – or seasonal flowers in natural colors. Small Mason jars would make nice candleholders that line the table, alternating between the flower arrangements. If you are having your wedding meal in a place that is covered, think about hanging flowers by attaching a length of rope that is secured to planks of wood, from beams near the ceiling. Place flower arrangements on the wooden planks draw the eye up and add color to areas that would otherwise be void of ay décor.


Leather is also big this year, so consider making napkin rings with strips of leather or leather laces. Dress the napkin up by securing a flower in each napkin before it is tied. In lounge areas or areas where people might sit for cocktails or conversation, add more wildflowers, and consider using copper cups like ones that are used for beer or drinks throughout the event.


Bridal bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres should be colorful and use seasonal flowers that capture the sense of wildflowers – in case they aren’t available. Dare to be different and wear a floral wreath instead of a veil, or have bridal attendants wear a single flower in their hair.


If you’re getting married in the Billings area, you’ll have no trouble capturing the essence of the Wild West and all of its glory because we’re surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the untamed west.

Flowers for Bridal Shower Decorations

shutterstock_150361421Bridal showers are an exciting opportunity for brides and their friends and family to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. We know many brides who enjoy planning these parties as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones away from the stress of wedding planning. Others enjoy having a more formal bridal shower. No matter what type of atmosphere a bride prefers for their shower, at Gainan’s Flowers  we find that flowers can be excellent decorations and accessories that make the day even exciting.

Flowers are wonderful for bridal showers because they help make the entire room light up with joy. Blooms come in such a variety of different styles that they can be selected to create nearly any type of atmosphere. They can also be used in a number of different ways throughout the party. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for using flowers in a bridal shower.

On invitations

Make the invitations to the shower look even more festive and personal by including flowers. Select a flower that fits well the desired theme of the party and buy enough for a couple for each invitation. Take the flowers and dry and press them onto the invitations. The invitations will look gorgeous and will make any recipient smile.

On the tables

Bridal showers use a variety of different formats, from people casually socializing to sit down events filled with crafts and organized activities. Regardless of the plan for party, people will likely spend at least some time sitting down and eating or enjoying the company of some of the other guests. Use flowers to make the tables look festive and decorative. These flowers can even double as party favors. Get potted plants and wrap them in festive paper or ribbons and invite each guest to bring one home with them after the party is over.

On the head

People love flowers in the hair because of the natural beauty they add. Either incorporate flowers into hair styles, such as tucked into braids or behind the ear, or weave several together to create a flower crown. It will be entertaining for all those in attendance to find ways to use the flowers to make their hair look lovely.


When planning for an upcoming wedding, few events are more valued than the bridal shower. Those planning their shower should consider the above ideas for incorporating flowers into their celebration. They will help make the entire atmosphere more lively and beautiful, setting the stage for a perfect bridal shower.


Wedding Trends this Summer

shutterstock_143579107Summer is a wonderful time for weddings. Between the lovely weather, the festive and relaxed atmosphere that tends to permeate most people, and the incredible summer colors that look absolutely incredible, it is no wonder that countless couples choose this time of year to tie the knot.

Those looking to find ways to make their special days even more modern and unique, investigating recent trends can be a fantastic way to get some ideas. These newer fashions can help add a special twist to the day, making this wedding and reception one people will be speaking about for years to come.

At Gainan’s Flowers, we love helping couples learn more about some of the latest trends to find some that will fit well with their upcoming ceremonies. Here are a few that we have found to be spectacular for summer 2015 weddings.

Going Green

We are not talking about wedding colors, but rather being eco-friendly. The ideals of being green have influenced nearly every aspect of modern life – including wedding planning. For many couples, this means finding decorations that look spectacular while also being earth friendly. For example, instead of using cut flowers, they use potted plants on their reception tables. These blooming flowers will add delightful color to the room, can serve as party favors, and will continue to please guests for months and years to come after the ceremony. We find potted plants like our garden of reds and blues in a rustic basket to be perfect.

Think bold

Summer and pastels might go together, but they are quickly becoming just one color palette available. Summer brides have begun to use deeper, richer colors in their weddings, and we think that the final look is wonderful. For example, consider using some lush corsages and boutonnieres that use beautiful colors, such as a rich purple carnation.

Jewels in bouquets

Brides have increasingly been using jewels such as rhinestones in their bridal bouquets. Some have even been making bouquets made almost entirely out of jewels rather than flowers. Others prefer to keep the jewels as accents on their bouquets. Either way to look tends to be extraordinary.

For couples preparing for their wedding way, planning the ceremony down to the details can be exciting and stressful. Make the process fun and personal by finding new elements to incorporate that will make the day more about who the couple is and what they want their special day to mean. Consider our above ideas to get started.


Wedding Decor Featuring Stargazer Lilies

shutterstock_171266801Stargazer lilies, with their stunning pink and white petals, first bloomed in 1978 when the American grower Leslie Woodruff successfully married varieties of oriental and Asiatic lilies to create the beauty and perfection he chose to name stargazers. Traditional lilies of other varieties symbolize purity and innocence like the white used in weddings. Stargazer lilies hold true to this symbolism, but have taken additional symbolic meanings of their own including passion, optimism, commitment, high hopes, and the fulfillment of dreams – all of which should be present in at a wedding. A beautiful flower with wonderful meaning, stargazer lilies should be incorporated into as much of the wedding decor as possible. The following are a few way you can celebrate your marriage using stargazer lilies.

At the ceremony, stargazer lilies will look beautiful and stun guests when used to decorate pews, the altar, the backs of chairs, or they can even be strung into a garden trellis. The most important flowers of the wedding ceremony, however, are the blooms arranged in the bride’s bouquet. Stargazer lilies feature white and pink in a wide variety of shades and variations. This combination of colors beautifully complements a bride’s white wedding gown. In addition to the bride’s bouquet, the rest of the wedding party should also be adorned with stargazer lilies whether in boutonnieres, hair accents, small bouquets, or corsages.

For a reception that is pleasing to both your guests’ eyes and noses, fill the celebration with stargazer lilies and their sweet fragrance. Create centerpieces bursting with stargazer lily petals and where there is not enough table space, add a small adornment featuring a single bloom in a martini glass. For an evening reception, be sure to add candlelight to the tables and string scads of twinkling lights above the guests’ tables to mimic the stars in the night sky. In addition to centerpieces, stargazer lilies look lovely atop the centerpiece of the entire reception – the cake.

However you decide to decorate your wedding with the brilliant pinks and whites of stargazer lilies, at Gainan’s Weddings, our expert florists look forward to helping you select the perfect variety of stargazer lilies for your wedding ceremony and reception. We wish you a wonderful wedding and a happy future.